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Highschool mathematics curriculum

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    Hi all!

    I'm a mid-20s guy from Montreal , Quebec , Canada completing his highschool mathematic courses at an highschool for adults with the eventual goal of entering a bachelor program in mathematics (probably either at McGill or Universite de Montreal (UdeM)).

    Basically I'm worried about the quality of the highchool math curriculum from Quebec after hearing some stories from people who went to top notch highschools.

    Is there any way to verify how good the curriculum is here? Because if it's not that good I'm not scared to take matters into my own hands.

    Here's the highschool curriculum (two last years) in french unfortunately:http://www.formationeda.com/mathematique/mathematique.php

    (I understand it's unlikely people can judge a course based on it's title , but I'm putting it out there just in case)

    I'm doing them all except two.Also take note that highschool and college are separated by what we call "CEGEP" here which is a transition school before university , and since I'm old enough I will be able to skip it by only doing the three math courses (which IIRC are calculus courses) at the university of my choice instead of wasting 2 years doing general courses like normal students.These three courses opens the door to the bachelor math program at UdeM at least (didnt verify for McGill).So highschool here is one year shorter than in the US.

    Last point , I'm not really asking by fear of not being accepted into the programs but more by fear of not having received as much knowledge as students from elsewhere coming to these universities.

    thank you!
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    Secondary mathematics education in all of North America is a questionable topic... Some would argue that it is in need of a great intellectual revolution. It's something I am very concerned with... but most people will be in the same boat. When I jumped into proof based mathematics after high school it was a completely unexplored land, at times very frustrating. But if you put in the work and get the extra help when you need it you will be okay. You can always pick up some extra literature to get ahead start.
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    If you are alluding to what I think you are alluding to, then don't worry about it. You're already ahead of the game anyways, regardless of your HS. Good luck :)
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