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Holy crap, a vacuum in-home elevator?

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    Holy crap, a vacuum in-home elevator???


    I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!

    Not really for myself... but to move lots of crap up and downstairs where id normally have to make like 50 trips :)
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    Cool! That's just like what the Jetson's had! It's only taken how many years for technology to catch up with the cartoons? :biggrin:
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    They already have those cool high-speed horizontal escalators...


    All we need now are Flintstonesque cars. That'll cut down on CO2 emissions and global warming.
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    I think that's pretty awesome. It looks somewhat odd out in the middle of the room.

    I wish they had pictures in various applications - it's probably much easier to have an elevator simply raise you to the next floor when it has a balcony, versus going from a basement to 2nd story.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    So far the only problem is that the occupants eyes tend to pop out from the vacuum.
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