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Home applications that use a solenoid?

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    Can you name a few house hold items that have a solenoid in them?APART FROM A DOOR BELL.
    Especially those which can be carried in hand.
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    What is the context of the question? Is it for schoolwork?
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    yea it is school work,we have to bring things that use solenoid in them...

    solenoid valves are in washing machines and dishwashers,i cannot carry them to school...some smaller applications that you may know of?
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    APART FROM A DOORBELL?? Can you please give your reference for this statement? No doorbell I have ever seen uses a solenoid.
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    Older doorbells (with chimes and gong sounds) do use solenoids. Maybe you are too young and you only know fully electronic models.
    And what do you think produces the sound in an electronic one? (Hint!)
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    Apart from relays/valves in whitegood appliances...? Safety/overload protection circuit breakers in some extension cords and powerboards. Some toasters (microprocessor-controlled). Some toys (USB rocket launcher and model railroad junction switch comes to mind). Oh! Flash opening mechanism in DSLR cameras.
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    Bing Bong Avon calling! That's a solenoid door chime (or a cheap electronic imitation). They are all over the place in the UK - including B&Q for sale.
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    And, interestingly, in pretty well all gas appliances with pilot light flame failure protection. The gas valve is held open all the time by a solenoid and the current comes from a thermocouple, heated by the flame. Flame dies, gas valve shuts. No mains or battery needed, just a simple thermocouple. I couldn't believe you could get enough current to work a solenoid - but it will not 'pull' the valve open. It can only hold it, once pressed.
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