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B What's the relationship between drop height and induced emf?

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    In my experiment, I intended to find out how the change in the bar magnet drop height from solenoid affected the emf induced in the solenoid, however, I am unable to come up with an equation that shows a relationship between the two variables.

    I have thought of Biot-Savart law, but I do not think it is applicable since the law requires a current element, not a magnet.

    Please do help me out as I am really scared and overstressing. I have seeked help and only made me more confused, so any help will be beneficial. Thanks!
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    This should be in the classical physics forum, unless you're looking for a supersymmetric solution :P

    A mod will probably move it there.

    A bit more background would help, though.
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    Hello FlyJanasic, :welcome:

    Getting all stressed while discovering the world is not a good idea: it hinders your imagination :smile: .

    Magnitude of emf induced in a solenoid has to do with which law ? Biot-savart ? Or perhaps some other one, like Faraday's !?
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    Thread closed for Moderation...
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    This looks like lab work for school, right? If so, please re-post in the Homework Help, Introductory Physics or Engineering forum, and fill out the Homework Help Template you are provided there. This includes sections on the Relevant Equations and your Attempt at a Solution.

    If it us just a personal experiment as you try to learn more about induction, please re-post in the Classical Physics forum, and as others have asked, please show much more of your work. A diagram of your setup would also be helpful.

    Thank you. This thread here will remain closed.
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