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Honors-level textbook on general chemistry

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    Would someone please recommend an introductory textbook on general chemistry? I would like a well-motivated text that makes use of calculus, preferrably one written for honors level general chemistry courses (such as the one at the University of Chicago). Thanks for your help!
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    I doubt I will be of much help, but I googled "Honors General Chemistry":

    Here are some books I came across:
    "Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change" Silberberg
    Peter Siska "University Chemistry"
    "Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight" by Peter Atkins and Loretta Jones
    "Chemistry, The Central Science" Brown, LeMay, Bursten and Murphy

    But please note, I am not familiar with any of these books.
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    Yup, since there seems to be a shortage of active chemists here, your best bet is to go to the websites of chem depts of universities you respect, look at the syllabi for their honors classes, and see what they use. The last time I looked (quite a while ago), MIT was using the Atkins text cited above.
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    I looked for syllabi online before starting this thread, but I didn't find what I was looking for (with the exception of MIT). I think I'll try the book by Atkins. Thanks for your help!
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    Most honors level chemistry books are basically halfway steps between a regular gen chem book and their upper division counter parts. You could just grab a physical chemistry book and just go through that. They're not particularly difficult, I would recommend McQuarrie because there's a full solutions manual available.
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