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Chemistry Introductory textbook on Chemistry

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    Hello PF !

    I am going to start a bachelor's degree in physics in September. I am looking for an introductory textbook on Chemistry. The university is new in Europe and we don't seem to have specific textbooks to buy. We have more like recommended textbooks.

    Here is the objective and the topics of the course :

    Semester 1
    Recommended textbooks for semester 1 :
    Shriver and Atkins, Inorganic Chemistry, 4th addition, oxford university press.
    Housecroft and Sharpe, Inorganic Chemistry, 3rd addition, Pearson Prentice Hall.
    Paul Arnaud : Chimie Physique (Ed. DUNOD) ; Dernière édition

    Semester 2
    Only practical work in labs.

    Semester 3
    Recommended textbook for semester 3 :
    Organic Chemistry by either / or
    • Vollhardt and Schore
    • Clayden
    • Morrison and Boyd
    • Brown, Foote, and Iverson

    Would you have any textbook to recommend ?

    Thank you very much.
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    For Semester 1 & 2, the curriculum is that of the US AP Chemistry curriculum.

    I took AP Chemistry and found the following textbook to be very useful.

    Kotz and Treichel (used in high school class) - very good book. Here's a sample syllabus that shows the complete coverage of the course material (copy and paste it in).

    The Semester 3 curriculum is that of the Organic Chemistry curriculum. I would recommend Vollhardt and Schore (heard good things about it from other chemistry undergrad students, this was used in our undergrad course for both Organic Chemistry I and II).
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    Thank you for those information !

    I missed your reply, sorry about that.
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