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Horizontal & vertical angle of antenna beams & UE position

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    Hi this is my first post here.
    Sorry for this naive question xD

    I want to calculate antenna gain for which I need the horizontal Φ and vertical θ angle of an antenna beam.
    The formula for gain is.
    is it ok to convert the rectangular coordinates of antenna into spherical coordinates and compute Φ & θ using standard equations (Cartesian to Spherical) cvQIIvC.png
    Similarly if there is a user in the cell can I calculate Φ & θ of user position, and then compute the relative difference and utilize it in the gain equation. i.e. KJ8RAWP.png .

    Moreover is it also possible that i consider them in-terms of vectors and use inner product to compute the angles Φ & θ? e.g:
    and their inner product which can be, eBZ7vzN.png .

    I would appreciate any kind of help.

    Thank you in advance. :)
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    Hi and welcome to PF. I'm afraid it's not at all clear to me what situation you are analyzing, what you are trying to find, and how you are approaching the problem. Please explain your problem as though you are talking to someone (everyone here at PF in fact) who doesn't yet know what it is. And where did you get the first two equations? These do not look like general gain equations to me.
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