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How can i calculate the time delay in arduino?

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    hi every one , i'm a student in university , i have a projet it's about calculate speed of waves in liquid by to piezo electrique , one workd like emmeter and the other receppter , the distance betwin the two piezo is fixe , the probleme is i nedd to calculat the time betwin the moment who i send the signal and when i received ? and i want to know if it's ok to put piezo disque in liquide or i need to protecte theme by somthing to avoid court circuit ?
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    Welcome to PF.

    I think you can get better answers by posting your question on one of the Arundino forums.
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    You mean transmitter and receiver?
    I guess those two instants are detected by the hardware using signals produced by the piezoelectric sensors? To compute the time elapsed between these two events, you can use millis() or micros() functions which read the on-board timer and give output in ms or μs.
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    You might need to coat the elements with lacquer or a very thin layer of epoxy to prevent damage to the metallisation. Are you studying surface waves? Can you draw a diagram of your transmitter and receiver location relative to the surface and waves. You may be able to use doppler frequency shift rather than a simple pulse.
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    thanks you
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