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Python How can I control FLIR camera (tau 2.4) by using Python?

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    Dear Forum,

    I am trying to use Python to control FLIR camera (tau 2.4) but I do not know there is possible or not?

    I say that because I see when I connect IR camera to the computer using USB, it shows COM port in the Device Manager and I've seen python possible to work with COM port through Pyserial, such as GPS, Arduino...

    Anyone who has been working on this project before, please give me some advise!

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
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    Usually, you need a driver and a library of functions that you can call in your program to control the device.

    This is spelled out in the documentation of the instrument.
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    As Dr. C suggests, start by looking at the manual for the camera, specifically the section on Remote Control What baud rate does it expect? Can you open up a HyperTerminal window using that Com port (with all the settings correct), and type commands to get the camera to do what you want? Once you can test out commands with the HyperTerminal session, you should be able to code up what you want in Python.
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