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How can I find the specific heat of Normal Saline 0.9% ?

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    I have to use this specific heat value to calculate the heat load for designing a machine as refrigerator.
    Could you please help me to find accurate value.

    ps. This normal saline is used for medication.
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    It is within a few percent of pure water specific heat, won't it be enough?
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    Thank you for your attention,Borek.
    You mean that I can use the specific heat of Normal Saline as equal as the specific heat of pure water.
    and I've seen some website told like this,too. I found some results told that the properties is as same as pure water such as boiling point,melting point,..but
    It's necessary to have a evidence to support this issue for my graduating bachelor degree's project.
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    Thank you,SteamKing.
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