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How can I learn the traits of my laptop without user's guide

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    I no longer have the box that my laptop came in or the user's guide that came with it. There used to be a sticker on my laptop that said the types of memory that my laptop has and the CPU, but that sticker is gone now.

    I would like to learn a few traits about my laptop. First, a quick question, as I recall from my computer classes in public school 20+ years ago, a computer has two types of memory, RAM memory and ROM memory. Is this correct?

    How can I determine my laptop computer's RAM memory capabilities?

    How can I determine my laptop computer's ROM memory capabilities?

    How can I determine what type of processor (CPU) my laptop computer has?
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    If you're running Windows you can get most of this information. Click the Start button (I'm running Win 7), and then on the right-click menur for Computer, click Properties. This brings up a page with information about the system, such as the manufacturer, Model, processor and clock speed, installed memory (RAM), and the type of operating system.

    I don't know of any way to find out how much ROM is in the computer.

    There's probably similar functionality if you're running Linux, but I don't use Linux, so don't know how to do the same sort of thing on that OS.
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    And you don't really need to know how much ROM it has. It's not like you are going to be writing to it anytime soon... :wink:
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    Search for it online. Many vendors provide spec sheets that detail this info.

    As an example, for my Asus X200 I find:


    They don't usually provide the ROM info though as its not something that people are interested in when comparing devices. I think its mostly the system BIOS is on ROM and perhaps from a boot you can determine the vendor and version of BIOS and from that locate a spec on the BIOS.
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    I run HP's and each have users guides installed with the software, I would suggest using your system search bar to see if you have it otherwise a search online of your manufacturer should get your info for you. Good luck :wink:
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    Most Laptops have the User's Guides as Acrobat .pdf files on the maker's website. You can download these files onto your laptop so you don't have to worry about losing the paper document.
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    Google for "Belarc advisor", find the program, download it and run it. It will give you all the information there is to be had.
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    I like to use the following two programs.
    CPU-z - This utility will provide you information about your motherboard, processor and RAM. All the details without cracking open your case.
    Looks like this

    GPU-z - Same thing as CPU-z but for your graphics adapter.
    Looks like this
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