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How cant EM wawe escape from a black hole?

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    i need to have some scientific papers about this. I understand the massive ones
    but i cant understand it when it comes to a EM wawe. Can anyone advice me a book or a paper ?
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    George Jones

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    Try the book Exploring Black Holes: Introduction to General Relativity by Taylor and Wheeler.
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    Thank you dude.

    I got a point while i was thinking about it later. Can you say if i thought the right way?

    It cant escape because it is not about the particle , because of the bending of the spacetime . So if there is no exit, it doesnt matter if you have mass or not
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    That is exactly correct. In fact, Black Holes are often referred to as "a prediction of General Relativity," because only the curved space of GR makes the trapping of light possible.
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