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Homework Help: How do I solve for x in this log equation?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

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    I have no idea how to approach this.
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    use this laws:
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    first, rewrite the square root as an exponent, and rewrite 1 as log(10), so you get

    0.5log(2x-1) + log(x-9)^(1/2) = log(10)

    Bring the exponent down to get 0.5log(x-9)

    0.5log(2x-1) + 0.5log(x-9) = log(10)

    multiply both sides by 2

    log(2x-1) + log(x-9) = 2log(10)

    Raise the 10 in the log function to the 2 (100) and multiply the two inner log functions

    log[(2x-1)(x-9)] = log(100)

    take the antilog of both sides and solve for x

    (2x-1)(x-9) = 100

    2x^2 - 19x - 91

    X= -3.5
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