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How do you calculate the Magnetic Moment of a Permanent Magnet?

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    I am trying to find a permanent AlNiCo magnet with a magnetic moment of 0.06Am^2.

    However, most magnet data sheets do not list the magnetic moment of their magnet. Often they list the Magnetic field in Tesla or the moment in Vs*cm. How can I convert this data into the magnetic moment in Am^2.

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    V*s*m/(A*m^2) has the unit of magnetic permeability, so I think that you have to divide by this value ([itex]\mu_0[/itex] or [itex]\mu_0\mu_r[/itex], I would expect the former). cm<->m is just a factor of 100.

    T/(V*s*m) is an inverse volume - maybe you can get some approximation of you multiply the value with the volume of the magnet (up to constant factors?)
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