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Homework Help: How do you find a dervative of this

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    how do you find the derivative of this problem and what rule do you use

    lim sin(pi+h)-Sin pi
    h-> 0 h
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    … sinπ = 0 …

    Hi janemba! :smile:

    Do you mean [tex]\frac{sin(\pi + h) -sin\pi}{h}[/tex] ?

    If so, remember that sinπ = 0, so it's just [tex]\frac{sin(\pi + h)}{h}\,.[/tex]

    Which is … ? :smile:
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    yes but how did you got the answer
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    How do you expand:


    Trig identity ...
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    Gib Z

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    It's even simpler than that, take a look at a unit circle and think about what happens with every rotation of pi radians.
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