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How does a virtual private network work (basics)

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    is there anyway someone could explain basically how a vpn works (specifically "HotSpot Shield)? Im asking cuz i cant figured out if im getting hacked or if the network is supposed to do this?

    Whenever I connect to a wireless network, hotspot shield secures the connection and then i see another "unknown network" connection in my taskbar (windows 7) next to my regular connection. Is it supposed to do that??

    At first I thought I was getting hacked (am i???) but then i noticed that this unknown network appears right after hotspotshield secures my wireless connection. Is this working correctly or is something suspicious going on??

    Please explain in simple simple terms cuz im not an advanced IT guy... I downloaded this hotspot shield cuz i was told i should always use a vpn when connecting to hotspots (which i use alot)

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    Do you mean you go to a place that offers WiFi?
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    yeah exactly, like a starbucks or whatever
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    This video is what introduced me to Hotspot Shield, it may explain a few things for you.

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    There is also a browser called TOR that may also come in use if your afraid of others viewing your internet traffic or "hacking"
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