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How does composite armour work?

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    Hi, I noticed that most modern tanks have barely any slope on their armour, unlike for example the old WW2 tanks like the T-34 using solid steel armour.

    Why exactly is this? Why is sloping of armour gone? I realize that modern armour isn't trying to deflect a shell, but still if armour is sloped 60 degrees from vertical, it would, from a horizontal perspective, be 2x thicker.

    Only a few tanks have sloped armour, a few Israeli and Russian ones.
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    Different materials have different characteristics than steel when it comes to mitigating the damage from tank shells. I believe the details of the Chobham armor on the M1A1 are still classified... I can't imagine information on other modern armor is readily available either.
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    From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sloped_armour

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