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How does Lymphoedema cause ulcers?

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    Hello everyone,

    How does Lymphoedema cause ulcers? Example people with filiariasis having skin ulcers.
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    See http://www.lymphoedema.org/Menu4/1How%20to%20recognise%20lymphoedema.asp [Broken] for discussion.
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    In itself it probably doesn't. However it does have the effect of making the tissues rather more delicate, more prone to infection and impairs healing, this is due to the combination of reduced blood supply and a ready supply of fairly static food rich inter-tissue fluids that make an ideal bacterial breeding ground. This means that any small injury can easily turn into a chronic slow healing/infected ulcer that responds poorly to treatment. Infections like filiariasis, may, because of the parasite, add their own problems.
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