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How does time work? I understand that it's an unknown entity, but I

  1. Sep 8, 2011 #1
    How does time work? I understand that it's an unknown entity, but I was wondering, is it possible that all states; past, present and future, exist at the same time? Or do we pass through it? Or do all possible futures exist in our present?

    Sorry for the questions lol. Subject confuses me greatly.
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    Re: Time.

    Science isn't really sure yet. The only thing that they have found that consistantly increases with time is entropy (a measure of disorder), so it has been suggested time is increase in entropy. Relitivity, meanwhile, suggests time is a dimension, like space, and you have different "zones" of time depending on your relative speed and gravity potential, making the word "meanwhile" meaningless. In quantum theory, there is several random outcomes to, for example, whether an elecron emits radiation or not, which cannnot be predicted, impling the future is made up as you go along. Fitting all these models together to properly understand time is tricky.
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