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B How fast are the the protons in the large Hadron collider?

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    I was asking how fast is the fastest Hadron ever moved in the large Hadron collider.And most importantly how do they calculate it? Do the calculate it mathematically or with a detector?
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    What have you read about the LHC? There is lots of data about its performance and the energies involved. The speed of the hadrons is due to the rate at which the EM fields sweep along the tube so it is fairly easily determined.
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    Google will quickly tell you that the energy of the protons in the LHC is something around 6 Tev. So here are two exercises for you:
    1) What is the speed of a 6 Tev proton?
    2) The LHC is set up to produce head-on collisions between protons moving in opposite directions. In this head-on collision, how fast are the protons moving relative to one another?
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