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B How fast would a car be going to throw a 50lb object 38ft?

  1. Feb 16, 2017 #1
    Looking for some calculations help, if someone wouldn't mind. I'm trying to figure out what simple formula I might use to estimate how fast a car would have to be going to throw a 50lb object 38 feet. All of the formulas I've found take into account other factors such as friction. I am just looking for the simplest formula I can find to determine a reasonable estimate.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Is this 38 feet horizontally, or on an angle? 38 feet before hitting the ground, or 38 feet after skidding?
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    Like, a car hits an object and the object lands/stops (so I guess including skidding?) 38 feet horizonally away from the point of impact.
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    Well, you'll definitely need to take friction in account for that calculation, becaue friction will be what stops the object. The answer will vary depending on the materials.
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    Unfortunately the question you're asking doesn't have the simple answer that you're looking for. Those factors like friction, weight of the car, amount of damage done to the car, amount of damage done to the object, height of impact.... that you don't want to consider all matter. If they aren't specified, the answer will be "some non-zero speed".

    As there is no satisfactory answer to the question, this thread is closed.
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