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Homework Help: How i can plot anti periodic sine wave in matlab ?

  1. Oct 2, 2012 #1
    i don't know how i can use matlab to plot anti periodic fun ..

    the origin site give this code for triangular fun:

    fs = 10000;
    t = -1:1/fs:1;
    x1 = tripuls(t,20e-3);
    plot(t,x1), xlabel('Time (sec)');ylabel('Amplitude'); title('Triangular Aperiodic Pulse')

    but when i use this for sine wave . i have an error (??? Error using ==> sin
    Too many input arguments.)

    so how i can solve this problem ?

    thanx in advance
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    Can you post the code that you used for the sine wave pulse?
  4. Oct 3, 2012 #3
    the same code but i change tripulse to sin >>

    fs = 10000;
    t = -1:1/fs:1;

    x1 = sin(t,20e-3);
    plot(t,x1), xlabel('Time (sec)');ylabel('Amplitude'); title('sin Aperiodic Pulse')
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