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How increased co2 increases the temperature

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    I understand how increased co2 increases the temperature but how does an increase in temperature increase the co2 level?
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    Re: co2

    Primarily by reducing the solubility of CO2 in sea water.

    Cheers -- sylas
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    Re: co2

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    Re: co2

    Henry's Law Explains Sylas' explanation. As temperature increases, solubility of permanent gases tends to decrease. The real concern with increased water temperature, however, is not that more CO2 is liberated- but that arctic underwater methane reserves are. Methane is a FAR more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 is and the relationship between increased atmospheric temperature and increased water temperature is that they are in a positive feedback loop. (higher atmospheric temp heat the oceans, which liberates more dissolved methane, which increases atmospheric temp, which heats the oceans, and so on) Environmentalists and geoscientists are working on finding ways of curbing this reinforcement cycle before it reaches a tipping point of exponential growth and can't be stopped. Furthermore, as the temperature of seawater increases, the pH is shifted toward the acidic, and carbon dioxide that has been converted to it's dissolved state of HCO3- is shifted toward it's more basic CO2 form, which then escapes the water and enters the atmosphere.
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