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How is power supplied to a Ferris wheel?

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    How the wiring is given for giant/ferry wheel as it rotates. I don't belong to electrical fields. Curious to know.
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    hi there
    welcome to PF :smile:

    ferry wheel as on a boat ? or ferris wheel as in a fun park ?

    I'm going to assume initially that you are talking about a ferris wheel


    usually large electric motors and gearboxes

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    The London Eye has air conditioned, lighted capsules.

    I couldn't find how the capsule power connects. I suspect a slip ring or two somewhere. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a low voltage DC system for safety reasons.

    They do have battery backup on board in case of power failure.
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    That would be my expectation too

    It appears as tho I may have mis-read the OP a bit :rolleyes:
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    This doesn't indicate the voltage but does include a picture of one of the interface components:


    I would suspect that the voltage would be dangerous to touch. There are 32 air conditioned pods with leveling servos attached as well as a significant amount of architectural lighting. Running this off of a touch safe voltage would require some unreasonable current that would cause the brushes to wear out in short order.

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    From rbelli1's link:
    p. 37.
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