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How much do you really love your subject of study?

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    please first state your subject and current point in your career (undergrade, grad, scientist...etc)

    then, state your favorite recreational hobbies. basketball, soccer, playing the guitar, rock and roll, acting, etc.........

    if you could become a professional athlete, singer, or actor.....etc, and make millions of dollar doing it, while being famous and glorified all at the same time, would you trade careers?

    you won't have time to focus on them both.
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    Regarding your first question, I'm a physics undergraduate. I'm absolutely obsessed with playing guitar and if I had the chance to go back in time and give up physics to switch places with Jimmy Page when Led Zeppelin was in its prime, I'd do it in a heart beat :)
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    Physics, 4th year undergrad.

    Don't dedicate time to any recreational hobbies anymore, but I was heavily into weightlifting and guitar in my earlier years.

    None of the options you list excite me. I'd rather pick up guitar again as my hobby if my hand numbness stops acting up and be a professional scientist full time, I've become one-sided like that. But right now it doesn't look like I'll ever get to be one of those either. :S

    I did play in a band for a while and had some contact with people who lived the music industry life, totally not for me.
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    George Jones

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    I have Ph.D. in Physics; many more details when (or if) I do "Meet a Mentor". How much do I love my subject of study? According to my wife, "Too much."

    I am very non-musical, and I would love to able to play and sing well. I don't think that I would trade my science background for this, and I most certainly do not want the entertainment lifetsyle.

    Jimmy Page, when interviewed at age 13, said that he wanted to do "biological research". The interview with the young Page starts at 2:29 of

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    Ah yes! I remember seeing this video a while back and it blew my mind seeing Jimmy page so young. I was quite happy he didn't choose to go into biology though because then I would be bored to death on the bus listening to the 'Stones :tongue2:
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    I'm amazed that they had television when Jimmy Page was 13.
    My career is being on a government disability pension. That wasn't my first choice, but it's a fairly easy job. Sure, I'd rather be a rock star. Two things stand in the way of that:
    1) I'm not all that fond of music.
    2) I'm just now learning to play the radio.
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    I'm a statistician, and been working in my field for a while now.

    My hobbies are fairly vast. I weight lift every morning, fish/hunt, and modify my truck. I'm also a big fan of watching Disney channel with the kiddo.

    If I could, I would not become a famous person at all. I value my privacy of my family more than money. Besides, i'm not greedy. We have a home, pay the bills, and have enough to save every paycheck. I fail to see how being a millionaire would make me any happier.

    WBN can you even lift a guitar? Sometimes I think it's a workout for you to lift those tacos in a bun.
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    No subject. No career. Highschool, but an A in AP Physics II (That's good right? Don't kick me out please, this is all I have).

    Recreational hobbies: Fishing, "playing" the piano, playing the trumpet, swimming, running, etc.

    Abnormal hobbies: programming, repairing game consoles older than I am, making music on aforementioned repaired game consoles older than I am.

    I gained (really) and lost my girlfriend because of my Gameboy (not really), because I have an almost unhealthy obsession with synthetically generated audio. I'm doing a series of weekly blog posts dedicated to the hardware I've become so intimately familiar with over the past ~three years (If I can. If I can't, someone please tell me and I'll stop). I can play piano and trumpet, but the fact that you can use a dedicated (and in some cases not) simple integrated circuit to generate nothing short of a masterpiece is astounding to me.

    I guess you could say "too much". I love it too much.
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