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How much effort to lift a human being?

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    What size propeller is required to lift a 180 lb person 30ft into the air consistently? Also, how powerful would the motor have to be to lift itself, the propeller, and person?
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    Are you trying to build something like this:
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    Not quite. I am looking for a 2 bladed prop. This is a theoretical question at this stage.
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    I think you can google "static thrust calculator" and find what size of propellers and motors are available.
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    From the Wikipedia page on mechanics of helicopter flight:

    For stationary flight, out of ground effect, and for a helicopter weight F

    cdd56de2fb1d84301b85a40a64a5f08a.png where f7f177957cf064a93e9811df8fe65ed1.png is the air density.
    The induced velocity needed for lift will be:

    and the power (called induced power) :

    37f0f92dbf516491e96abca115e01ac8.png .
    For example, in the case of a small helicopter of 700 kg mass and a rotor diameter of 7 m:


    = 60 kW = 80 hp

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