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Engineering How much electrical engineering in taught in Ms Mechatronic?

  1. Jul 12, 2015 #1
    I have always been interested in Engineering and a while back I could not decide between Electrical and Mechanical. However, I chose Mechanical, but now that I see that almost every invention nowadays are in electrical engineering field (I want to be an inventor) I am upset!

    So anyhow I was wondering how much electrical engineering would a master's degree in mechatronic teach me? compared to the normal BE/BS in electrical engineering? will it be enough ?
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    Enough for What?

    If you think you're going to stop learning once you get out of school THINK AGAIN! If you aren't constantly learning new stuff, you'll be out of a job in no time.

    So you ask whether an MS in mechatronics is full of enough electrical engineering. Who cares? If you can't learn this stuff on your own, you need to find a new field to study, because you won't cut it as an engineer.
  4. Jul 13, 2015 #3
    That is quite true and accurate. It is also the reason I asked this question, I am not one of those guys who study only what they opt for in college. I am in 1st year of mechanical engineering (which means I haven't even started studying Mech E yet) and I can design complex stuff like Turbines and clock mechanisms on Autocad which I learned on youtube.

    I just need an approximation of how much keeping up with Electrical E I will need to do after studying Mechatronics so I can start working on it early

    Thanks for the reply,
  5. Nov 19, 2016 #4
    I'm studying Mechatronic engineering in a 3 year program. I've learned more stuff involving electronics than mechanical stuff. It's easier to have electronics labs than mechanics labs equipped with dynamometers etc. so everything involved mechanics is almost purely theoretical as we don't have labs for putting what we learn about mechanics in practice. You may be in the same situation depending on the infrastructure of the institution you're planning to study at.
    What I've learned about electronics involves circuit analysis, AC analysis, digital electronics, some analogs, very few things about power electronics, sensors,electric machines and micro controllers. However, I'm not able to understand circuit diagrams that are composed of several transistors, capacitors, MOSFET,JFET for I was unlucky for having an incompetent analog electronics teacher. I've tried to learn analogs on my own but there's little time to do so and teachers willing to give the course extra officially are really few or even none. My knowledge in power electronics is little as well for similar reasons as analogs.
    I'm not encouraging you to blame bad teachers, I'm just telling you what I think you may have to learn before you get to mechatronics. Make yourself the habit of learning from technical books and to ask as much as you need.
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