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How much Ice is melting

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    If we could determine how much ice is melting in the polar caps we could find out how many powerstations it would take to refreeze the ice.
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    Now why on Earth would you want to that. Earth tries so hard to remove the Northern Ice sheet, like in the Early Holocene thermal maximum some 9000 years when the trees grew right on the coast of the Arctic ocean in Siberia, or during the Roman warm period ca 500 BC or during the Medieval Warming Period ca 900 years ago, allowing the Viking to call "Greenland" Greenland. During the little ice age the whole area started to freeze over. But Earth tried again as this revealing letter shows:

    But Earth failed and the passages to the North froze over again. The last attempt before this was in the 1920 when there was litlle ice. So again Earth tries and do us a favour, then why on Earth do we want to undo it?
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    Nice but

    Nice idea but a refrigerator makes more Heat then cold, as the motor used to drive the refrigeration generates heat, as does the Gas cycle that the motor drives, that heat is offset by the amount of cold, but, as I said, the Heat generated by the motor outdoes the overall Cooling effect.

    Nice thought though, at least your thinking. :cool:
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    What would be the point to freeze the poles when the cimlate is allreayd warm and it will just melt again. A huge waste of cooling energy

    Hey andre got any good links on your explanation of the poles 900 years ago i would like to read up on this further. It could come in handy in my world issues class were i am constantly hearing about global warming hype. Thanks.
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    There is also the reality that we would need generate all of the electricity to get the electric motors going, and that too would supply huge amounts of extra heating so they would all melt again .. .. .. ..
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    I just found this interesting graph today...
    http://junkscience.com/MSU_Temps/Arctic1880-2004_2.gif [Broken]
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