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How near we are to make a Real Iron Man's Arc Reactor?

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    Hi ,
    I, Arnendu, want a really big fan of Iron Man and Physics. I have a question . We all know iron man get his suit's power from The Arc Reactor. So, I think why scientists can't make it properly, the science behind it and its usefulness.
    So, I request you all to send your reply. Thank you.
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    Because scientists are lazy bastards, that's why. Any tech you see in the movies can be easily made. ;)
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    Iron man is science fiction of course, and in fiction anything is possible without necessarily needing an explanation.
    As far as I know the ArcReactor in iron man is not based on known physics, it's just a supposed power source for the dramatic purposes of the storyline.
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    The "arc reactor" isn't real. It's just a technobabble name for a coil of wire and a bright blue/white light. So there is nothing for scientists to figure out.

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