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How Newton derived all equations from 2?

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    Does any1 know where I can find a book or maybe a website that clearly explains how Newton derived all of those physics formulae all from the 2 equations F=ma and Fg=GMm/r^2? One that is not skimpy on the math, and actually shows how we go from one equation to the next.
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    Those books are called "books on classical mechanics", and you can find a whole lot of them out there... If you want a readable and gentle introduction, why don't you read the first volume of Feynman's Lectures, where he gives a lot of attention to the conceptual part of this. That said, there are many others. Alonso and Finn come to mind (first volume).
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    Good Book

    You can find all or part of Newton's Principia on Google Books online so that you can read the original (well, translated). You'll soon see that Newton didn't really explain his reasoning very often. He also didn't use the formula F=ma; in fact, it is a bit of faith to even believe that what he did say led directly to F=ma. Newton laid the foundation; others built on that for the next hundred years or so. The best explanation that I know of about how Newton might have figured this stuff out is Arnold Arons Development of Concepts of Physics. You might be able to find a copy in a large Physics Department or a good library.
    It is important to see Newton's laws as the fruit of a collective body of work by many scientists and mathematicians. There are very few solo stars in science.
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