How temperature effects bulk modulus?

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hi all. im doing an experiment thats involvse measureing the speed of sound through fluids at different temperatures and i want to able to predict the speeds before the experiment using equations.
what i have found so far is that the speed of sound in a fluid,c, is equal to the sqaure root of the bulk modulus,k, diveded by the density of the fluid,p.

c=(k/p)^0.5 (sorry i dont know how to use equations on this).

iv also found that the bulk modulus is equal to the voulume, v, times by the difference in pressure,dp, over the difference in volume,dv.

k = v(dp,dv)

but what i would like to know is how the bulk modulus relates to temperature. any ideas?

many thanks
The change in volume as it relates to temperature is probably gonna be your biggest factor here. This is going to be different for different substances and different states obviously, but the pressure should remain constant.

As with any of my posts, this comes with a disclaimer. (I don't know what I'm talking about)
well the volume is being held constant and so as the temperature is increasing so will the pressure

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