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How to add Ammeter in LT Spice Schematic?

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    It may sound so silly question but I am trying for last 2 hours and no result.

    I have drawn the following schematic in LT Spice and want to add an ammeter in the black rectangle. In component menu, I don't find anything named ammeter.


    Any clue? Your help is appreciated.
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    There isn't an ammeter in LT Spice. However, you can certainly measure current.

    You can do this by adding a VERY small resistor like 1 milliohm and then moving your mouse onto it. This will give the current at that point.

    You can also just do this with any of the existing resistors. Just move your mouse onto them and read off the current in the box at the bottom of the screen.

    This would be used when you have the simulation in DC operating point mode.

    In Transient mode, you just click on a component and get the current waveform through it.

    Another way is to use a DC voltage source of zero volts in the position you require. This will look like an ammeter and behave like one. Just put a label next to it to infer that it is an ammeter.
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    Awesome reply. Thanks for your comment. I didn't thought in this way. I just tried your process and it works!
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