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How to be able to relax and concentrate on studies?

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    I feel that I've lost my peace! I Can't be calm and relax like the past, so that I can't concentrate on my studies! It's a terrible feeling. I guess I should find the reason of this distraction and stress and then do something about it. But I just can't find a single reason to concentrate on. Has it ever happened to you? What have you done about it?
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    I became distracted about 10 years ago and still haven't managed to get focused. :frown:

    I hope yours is temporary. Are there any hobbies or activities that you enjoy that you've stopped recently? Any lifestyle change?
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    Strangely enough, I have some weird ability to lose myself in my work if I really put my mind to it. But once's I'm "in the zone" (so to speak), I'm generally able to make a lot of progress in my homework, research, etc. At the end of the day I'm not stressed out, and I've made progress. Perhaps it's because the source of our stress is our work, and if we can reduce it' we'll be less stressed.

    Just remember: the success of this plan is crucially dependent on being able to get into that elusive "zone."
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    Cant get me out of your mind again Lisa!, I know...its hard.
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    Give up your studies and buy an old Brit bike do it up, then tour the world and wright your memoirs about it, this will may you rich and famous, all this presumes you are young/old enough to do it.
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    Loss of motivation? Motivation is the product of the desirability of being at the imagined target and the feasibility of reaching it. If both are high then there is usually little problem with dedication.

    Been there, as a little kid I wanted to become fighter pilot but when I started to realize the required dedication and the many booby traps during the training I switched to physics, loss of (feasibility) motivation. The new (end state) motivation was wanting to be a part in the solution of the impending energy crises with nuclear techniques etc. And that was around 1970! (Club of Rome), what else is new?

    But in due course I had a severe crisis with motivation, since the boys dream refused to go away. The end state fighter pilot seemed a lot more attractive than physicist, moreover the accumulating tension of the cold war with the red danger a mere few hundred miles away, required us to not sit idle and do something, that added certainly to its motivation and all of a sudden the long and hazardous training course did not deter that much anymore. It was enough to apply succesfully for the selection and complete the education.

    So perhaps it's about wondering if the desired end state is still desirable and if the way to get there is still feasible.
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    "Mini-meditations boost focus and calm your mind throughout the day. They require no fancy preparation or techniques, and you can do them anywhere in less than a minute — so they’re ideal mindfulness exercises whether you’re at home in a quiet room or in the midst of a busy day at work."

    http://zenhabits.net/2007/09/how-to-use-mini-meditations-to-relax-and-find-focus/ [Broken]

    (but notice what's on the top shelf behind her)

    http://www.galacticdiplomacy.com/meditation.gif [Broken]​

    (and why is the waterfall slightly yellow colored just below her)
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    I think I'm zenophobic if I have to sit with a stream gushing up my bum. :uhh:

    The lengths I'll go to get a cheap pun.

    Hope you resolve your problem soon Lisa! :smile:
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    some say colonics are refreshing---maybe that's why she had to meditate
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    Sorry to hear that!:frown:
    Some changes during the last few months! And I guess I get used to them by now.(they were positive changes anyway)
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    THanks all of you for your nice replies! :smile:
    I hsould read this post carefully later since I don't have enough time right now! That sounds intersting.
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    I've been pretty stressed and distracted recently. I used to meditate once in a while after we talked about it in this class I took last semester. It does help. I actually had trouble meditating at first. You really don't realize how much your mind wanders until you try to make it stop!
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    Well I feel a bit better right now! I guess I had lost my courage and confidence. I felt that I couldn't fulfil my dreams. And you know how distractive could it be when you think you can get what you want it badly.
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    Lisa!'s got a boyfriend.Lisa!'s got a boyfriend.Lisa!'s got a boyfriend.

    The !' looks odd together :biggrin:
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    OMG! What does this post mean? I'm confused.:biggrin:
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    Physical exercise does wonders for concentration and self-esteem.

    Or so I hear... Just kidding - try going for a swim or running. When I know I have a long day ahead, I try to do some excercise in the morning, and by the end of the day it's a world of difference.
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    It's getting too cold here this year! I hardly can stay for 10 min or less in our yard. But sometimes I do some simple excersises in the roomo:)
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    have you tried meditation?

    it doesn't have to be in that 'yoga' concept---there are many types of ways to relax--

    --one glass of red wine a day is supposedly good for the health (mental and physical)

    --and a beer a day keeps the shrink away and I've heard is just about as good as wine for the 'health'--
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    hmmm...I've had never drunk that stuff. You know sometimes I think I should avoid drinking tea and coffee as well:biggrin:
    I do meditation all day . But as for this new case I think nagging at my friend does serve me the best. It's been for a long time that I've not done that and I'm really missing that!:devil:
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    or --you could do it here---like everyone else
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    I think arunbg's post means that some of your symptoms can be caused by falling in love. Not, of course, the "terrible feeling" part.

    And the "!'s" comment is from "Lisa!'s". And yes it does look strange!
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    Back in 1994 I was really uptight and feeling ready to die. I stumbled upon a Vipassana meditation center which I thought was a TM center. I did a number of 10 day retreats which helped me to relax. Bare in mind that there are so many ways/reasons to become uptight that you may have to try many ways to relax and be lucky to find the way that suits you best. I suggest that you look back upon your life to determine what has bothered you the most. The main thing is to ....keep trying! Good luck.
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