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How to calculate or select anti-vibration dampers?

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    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some standard or some book that tells me how to select anti-vibration dampers for overhead lines, especially in distribution systems.

    I was reviewing IEE Std664-1993, IEEE 563-1978 and IEC 61897-1998 but these standards only refer to laboratory tests and don't specify the calculation dampers.I would like to know how to calculate the number of dampers, how to select the type of damper (spiral, stockbridge, etc), the damper placement, etc

    These dampers will be for a medium voltage overhead line, for long spans. At the moment I only know that the frequency of wind-induced vibration is calculated as: fs=0.0185*V/D; And the natural frequency is calculated: fn=1/(2*L)*√(To*g/Wc). Equating these two frequencies, I can calculate the span from which it is necessary to use damper to avoid resonance. But this is insufficient.

    Is there any standard, bulletin or any bibliographic reference of how to do this calculation?

    Thank you so much.
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