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How to calculate the flat plate thickness to withstand25kpsi

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    we are building a hydrotesting chamber, the steel plate will be a sheild wall.
    if something goes wrong in pressure testing the steel plate should withstand the pressure without deforming, i am stuck in how to calculate the thickness applicable to withstand it.
    hydrotesting pressure is 25,000 psi , need a formula to calculate this.
    example if a 20inch material pipe,union,bolt etc, comes direct contact with the plate how much thickness should it be to hold it without leaving the chamber.plate details are below.
    steel grade : SPHC
    width(mm) : 1219 -flat plate
    yield strngth: 249
    uts : 346
    pressure : 25,000psi
    holding period : aprrox. 10 min in 2 stages
    how to calculate what thickness of plate should be used.
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    I think the concept of thin cylinders and thick cylinders needs to be applied(I might be wrong-not sure just a guess). So we should first decide which type of cylinder we want to use.
    And specifically if it's an thick walled cylinder. Then permissible stress condition and equations are given here : http://courses.washington.edu/me354a/Thick Walled Cylinders.pdf
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