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Homework Help: How to calculate volume and thickness of aluminum?

  1. Oct 27, 2006 #1
    I have a sheet of aluminum that has a mass of 0.69g, length of 10.2cm and width of 7.5cm. I need to find the volume in cm3 and the thickness in cm. What is the formula to do this? The density of aluminum is 2.699 g/cm3....do I need to use that in the formula or is that irrelevant when calculating volume and thickness? I am returning to school after 6 years and am confused beyond belief so any help will be greatly appreciated. :cry:
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    Well, which is the formula for density? Find it and that may answer your question. :smile:
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    Density = mass / volume

    You know the density of Aluminum and you know the peice of Aluminum's mass, therefore you should be able to re-write the density equation in such a way to solve for volume.

    Imagine the square of Aluminum foil as a very thin "block" of Aluminum.
    How do you calculate the volume of a block (rectangular solid)?
    Volume = length * width * height
    or in other words,
    Volume = surface area of one side * height
    In this case you know the length and width of the foil and you should already know the foils volume from the previous part of the question, from this you can find the foils thickness/height.
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