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How to choose a pump for a simple irrigation system

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    We are planning to plant 500 trees, and we want to water it, but we are not sure how to calculate the suitable pump for it, and the holes diameters that we will pinch for each tree (500 holes).

    The system will include two elbows, and the distance of the pipes are all included in the below link.

    The name of the tree is "Conocarpus"

    I'm not sure how many liters of water does this tree need per week, but we are assuming 100 liters. ( If you know how much it really needs please share)

    So, since we assumed 100 liters we are going to divide it by 4 per week. So we want the pump work 4 times per week and each time does not exceed an hour or two (20 liters for each tree for 4 days).

    We want to know what is the suitable pump (KW) for our system and what's the equation to calculate it and how to calculate the holes diameter so the water pressure would be good for the last tree at the end of the pipe.

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    There are some key points missing from your description.

    What is the topology? (one pipe looping through all 500 trees, one pipe per tree, ...so on)
    What is the maximum distance from pump to tree?
    What does the vertical profile look like? (i.e. level, uphill, ...)
    If you have one pipe for many trees, do you make adjustments to make sure that each tree gets the same quantify of water?

    There are many considerations more than pump size. May I suggest a tutorial. I found several with this search. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=farm+irrigation+system+design&ia=web
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    Is the land flat?
    How is the water delivered to the pump input?
    Where does power for the pump come from?

    The distribution pipe will empty when you turn the water pump off, so some trees will get more water than others as the pipe drains.

    The water is best delivered below the surface where you want the roots of the tree to develop. That will reduce evaporation, salination and weed-growth on the surface. So bury a vertical, open ended, short tube with each tree. Regulate the flow to each tree with a regulated flow dripper that can drip into the top of that vertical tube. For small seedlings drip onto the surface, after the first year drip into the deeper tube to reach the deeper roots.
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    The land we can assume it's flat.
    The water comes from a Tank
    We are just going to use a standard pump. The trees are actually for a cement factory. We are only using the trees to hold the dust from going to our neighbors. So we are not really worried about some trees getting more water than the others.
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