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How to control any software using batch?

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    Dear Forum,

    I am trying to run a random software (such as skype), there is easy to run by mouse and click on the icon on the desktop.

    Now, I am trying to take advance by using CMD (command prompt). I am going to type some basic command to make skype run, but I do not know how to go into any tool option, such as: contacts , Conversation, Call...(they are on tool bar). Everything will be controlled by CMD.

    Anyone has any ideal? please advise!

    Thank you so much,

    Best regards.
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    I don't believe you can do what you're trying to do strictly using the commands in the command prompt. About all you can do from a command prompt is start Skype. However, I think you might be able to use Windows PowerShell to drill down into Skype to get at whatever things Skype exposes. I would advise going to the Skype site to find out some more about their programming model, and what you can do to take advantage of it.
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    There are programs that can use a GUI with the mouse. If skype does not have interfaces to be controlled by other programs, that is the only alternative I see.
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    Mark I think that link documents services exposed by the Skype server platform, not the client software.
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