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How to convert soundwaves into electrical energy?

  1. Oct 23, 2012 #1
    I'm sorry to be annoying on this forum, I am new to the physics world!
    I am an undergrad taking physics I but am also doing a directed study on acoustical physics, sort of. I just need to write a paper on something along the lines of acoustics and their uses in communicative devices like hearing aids.

    I want to do a demonstration of some sort of processing sound into electrical energy. I'm a bit lost as to how to do that. Since, this may be a bit advanced for my knowledge in physics so far. After that I'll probably add some other parameters to an experiment and what effects they have on electrically charged sound waves. (did that sound dumb?)

    I have little understanding of how this works, but aside from quantifying the sound frequencies with obvious equipment I can find at my school- I am wondering if there are simple or cheap items that can be found to create this demonstration. I'll need a transducer?

    Any direction at this point would be useful >.<
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    You asked the same question(s) yesterday in your post here entitled “Research Ideas”, your post #7. That thread has been moved to “Science Education, Academic Guidance”. You will find my suggestions there:
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    Sorry I was having computer difficulties so just thought I'd make a new thread but then I got your reply ^^
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