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How to convert XRD results in .txt format to .dat or others?

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    I had some precipitate samples analyzed for XRD and the operator sent me the results in .txt format containing the 2θ and intensity data. I want to plug the data to QualX software but apparently it cannot read data in that format. Is there any way to convert the data to compatible formats (e.g., .dat, .xy)?

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    I haven't got a specific answer to your question but on many occasions I have written short pieces of computer code to convert data from one format to another .

    If you have the two relevant data formats available it is not usually difficult to devise a conversion algorithm .
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    Are you sure it can't? It looks to me like you can just use the "import" function and that it looks for ASCII format, which is what text files are.
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    Sadly, I am not as skilled in programming as I would like to be. But thank you for your suggestion!
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    Yes I have tried it already. It still can't see the .txt files in the folder I put them. By the way, I am using the QualX version 2.17.
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    Try just changing the file extension to one it accepts.
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    Wow. Simple as that. Thank you so much!
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