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How to design surface roughness model using CST?

  1. Mar 24, 2017 #1
    I am working om multilayer hybrid plasmonic waveguide (Si-SiO2-Ag_SiO2-Si). I have to see effect of roughness on propagation length and other parameters. So in reference to that I am having some doubts:

    1) I use CST microwave studio for numerical simulation. I am not getting any direct option where I could give value of roughness height and correlation length directly. Can I model it by simply creating some small spherical or square shaped roughness in structure itself. But if I create it, then it will be in pattern, not very much random. So, will it be ok to define some identical roughness.
    2) What should be height and width of sphere?
    3) Is there any method for defining random surface (like by giving Gaussian equation)?
    4) What is the physical meaning of rms roughness height and correlation length?
    5) Is it surface dependent? Like in my structure there are four interfaces. So these parameters will be same for both interface or different.

    Thanks and Regards
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