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How to -- electric boiler design

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    Hi all
    Are there is an idea to design (thermal design )the size of an small electric steam boiler if the heat input is about (10 Kw)
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    can one use the ASME for (boiler and pressure vessel code ),is also contain a thermal design of boilers?
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    I believe the ASME B & PV code covers just the design and manufacture of the components (e.g., material selection, strength, testing, etc.)

    The thermodynamics of the boiler design is not covered.
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    Simon Bridge

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    If I read you right, you are asking if anyone knows how to design a boiler for a steam engine which has 10kW electric heater of some kind.
    The short answer is "yes" - designing steam engines is quite a mature field in engineering. There are an infinite number of possible designs.
    Is there anything you specifically wanted to know?
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