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Homework Help: How to find time... With no acceleration and resistance.

  1. Nov 20, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Problem in photo...

    2. Relevant equations
    Don't know... Cause velocity ( m/s) isnt acceleration and therefore you can't find Fnet... So I don't know

    3. The attempt at a solution
    Does it have anything to do with finding Fn than multiplying that?

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  3. Nov 20, 2015 #2


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    There is a single force acting on the glider: the 0.60 N that is applied.

    You should be able to use it to find acceleration. And with the acceleration, you can find the velocity of the glider.

    Note also that we much prefer you take the time to write down the problem instead of taking a picture.
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    With the resultant force on the glider you can calculate its acceleration.
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    Your problem is chiefly that you don't read these problem statements carefully enough to discover what information you are given.

    The glider is flying at constant velocity. What is the net force on the glider when that occurs?

    A force of 0.60 N is applied to this 400 g glider in the opposite direction to its initial motion. How long does it take to bring the glider to a stop?

    What is the equation for Fnet?

    When the force of 0.60 N is applied to the glider, what other forces are acting on it, if it was traveling at constant velocity?

    Have you heard of the SUVAT equations for linear motion?
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    Well I know u guys are just here to help people and share the beauty of physics.. But for some reason... Me and physics don't click.. And I just spent 4h doing 5 questions 2 ,of which I never completed .. These questions are Newtons 2nd law. I think I just wasted 4h of my life. Didnt even figure out one of the main questions and on top now very frustrated seeing that I love physics but I can't seem to manipulate and look at questions and connect the given variables in a matter of seconds like some kids... Now @SteamKing when you say.. Read the questions more carefully .. I spent one hour looking at that question.. Maybe I shouldn't have.. But I'm not the type to give up and let s question win me over. Seeing that 0.60N is the (drag) I should find acceleration which I now realise what I may have to do.. I'm just simply terrible at Interpreting questions...
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    Training the mind to do Physics is tough yes. Best to work in pencil.
    Start with a quick drawing showing the info and also the forces acting on the glider.
    Post the drawing here.
    We will try and make things easier (I hope) for you and not more difficult.
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