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I How to focus and direct microwaves?

  1. Sep 17, 2016 #1
    I am interested in building a microwave powered toy helicopter purely for the fun of it. As we have discovered in our initial research, it isn't possible to direct the microwaves from a microwave oven magnetron too far. I know that those microwaves are of a similar wavelength (or is it?) What are my options?

    By the way, we haven't started building yet.
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    A directed beam of microwaves it called radar. But a beam of radar powerful enough to run a helicopter would be a great danger if it hit someone's eye.

    Dangerous topics are against PF rules.
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    Yikes! What you propose is very dangerous and probably illegal and very dangerous. I urge you not to attempt it because you have very good odds of injuring or killing yourself. Per PF rules (for safety and liability reasons), this thread is closed.
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