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How to get frequency, w (omega), when calculating reactance

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    I came across a question from our weekly set of questions that involved finding the inductive reactance and capacitive reactance, ie: XL = jwL and XC = 1 / jwC.
    In the solution sheet, the professor wrote that the frequency, w (omega) = 10000, however, in the question sheet, it was nowhere to be found. Is 10000 the standard frequency or is there a way of determining it?
    I will upload 2 images of the solution to illustrate my query:

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    The frequency is specified as is = 6 cos(10^3t) in the form Acos(wt). So I think it might be a typo. I think omega should be 1000, not 10000.
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    @analogdesign , Oh yeah, of course. My bad. Thanks
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