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  1. T

    I Simple harmonic oscillators on floating object in liquid

    How can I find omega on an object that is floating on water which is moving up and down on the object? The problem goes by giving you a cylindrical object with radius r and height H, pw(density of water), pc(density of circle) and x(t)=a*cos(wt). I do not understand why pw*pi*r^2*dg=pc*pi*r^2Hg
  2. Alex Paul

    Equivalence of torque & angular velocity transfer function

    Hello all, I was doing some behavioural modelling of the torque transfer characteristics of a belt drive system from the driver pulley to the driven pulley. While doing the same, i have tried to see how the angular velocity is getting transferred as well. I would explain my point with the...
  3. Ranku

    I Inflation and Omega

    Inflation leads to Ω=1. But we also have Ωmatter+Ωdark matter+Ωdark energy = 1. So if there were no dark energy and dark matter present in the universe, would Ω have eventually deviated away from 1?