How to increase the output power of function generator?

  1. Hi, I am currently working on science project. But I have a problem. I am conducting Chladni pattern experiment and so I got a function generator (signal generator). But for Chladni pattern experiment, a Function generator has to have an output of 10W. The maximum output of the function generator I have is around 5W to 6W. So when I tried conducting experiment, it did not work out. I am listing my questions now.

    Q1. Could anyone tell me how to increase the output of function generator from 5W to 10W?

    Q2. Where can I get 10W function generator? Is there any store that lends 10W function generator in BC, Canada?

    Q3. What do I need to change the output of function generator? Can I use an amplifier to increase the output? If so, how can I connect the amplifer to the function generator?

    Thank you very much and please reply asap.
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    ymsong01, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Yes, your are correct, you need an amplifier to boost the output of the signal generator so as to drive the exciter (transducer) of the Chaldni pattern.

    To choose the amplifier you need to specify only a few requirements:
    1. Power out. You've already said you need at least 10Watts
    2. Power for amplifier: mains voltage of 110 Volts or 220 Volts (whatever you have there)
    3. Frequency response. Your amplifier must pass the desired frequency. If it's in the audio range, then any common audio amplifier will do just fine.

    You would connect the output from the generator to the input of the amplifier. BE CAREFUL!! Do not overdrive the amplifier's input with too large a signal. Turn the generator output down to a very low level to start.
    Then connect the output of the amplifier to the vibrating transducer. Apply power to both and you should be making the beautiful Chladni patterns!

    You could buy a simple small amplifier at any music shop. A guitar amplifier would be probably be fine.

    (Edit) You can use Google search terms "guitar amplifier 10 Watts" and find many choices...around US$40.00
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    Or use the amplified external speakers from an old PC.
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