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How to learn the basics/building guitar effects

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    Hey everyone! How can i learn the basics of electrical engineering? Specifically, I'm interested in building guitar stomp boxes. I've looked at them and random schematics and it can't be THAT hard, at least to copy existing designs. And, although, I really want to get started and get that first project fired up, I also want to LEARN what's going on. Any suggestions on websites where i can learn the basics? Books? Any other tips are more than welcome. Thanks!
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    You have to learn the basics of transistors and op-amps. Yes, people are copying each other and change a few values.

    I am currently designing guitar electronics, I notice most of the people are just tinkerers. They end up having a lot of almost black magic or superstition stuffs. Like using carbon resistors, 4558 op-amp, certain caps, CTS pots. My opinion is those are all nonsense.

    Take the time to learn the basic electronics, you really need that. Learn to distinguish between facts and myths.

    One book I can suggest is the Electronic Basics by Marvino.


    Get it used really cheap.
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