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How to make laser energy consistent?

  1. Aug 6, 2014 #1
    I am new to the lasers/optics world and I just started working with a nanosecond laser. I am supposed to use this laser to run some test (thermal writing) on some samples. I have noticed that laser tends to not deliver the precise amount of energy in each pulse, and this hugely affects my writing process (in some pulses laser fails to write since it doesn’t heat up the samples enough and when I increase the overall power , sometimes it burns the sample) since my samples are very heat sensitive. I contacted the laser company and they said an energy variation of 5% to 7% is normal and unavoidable. I was just wondering if there is any device, optic, or anything else that can help me to improve this 5% inconsistency and help me to control the pulse energy? Any device that makes the laser to give off a rather more consistent and smoother energy pulses?
    Does pulse shaping help in this case?
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    First, I'd try to ascertain if the laser is working properly. If your samples fluctuate between burnt and no writing, perhaps the laser is faulty? Or are the tolerances in the process just that tight?
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    Hi Drakkith, I dont think laser is faulty, I think the tolerance is just very tight. I have been trying to tune the laser using frequency, focuse and speed, but I still cannot get a setting that always gives me a consistent outcome.
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