What is Raspberry pi: Definition and 33 Discussions

Raspberry Pi () is a series of small single-board computers (SBCs) developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in association with Broadcom. The Raspberry Pi project originally leaned towards the promotion of teaching basic computer science in schools and in developing countries. The original model became more popular than anticipated, selling outside its target market for uses such as robotics. It is widely used in many areas, such as for weather monitoring, because of its low cost, modularity, and open design. It is typically used by computer and electronic hobbyists, due to its adoption of HDMI and USB devices.
After the release of the second board type, the Raspberry Pi Foundation set up a new entity, named Raspberry Pi Trading, and installed Eben Upton as CEO, with the responsibility of developing technology. The Foundation was rededicated as an educational charity for promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools and developing countries.

The Raspberry Pi is one of the best-selling British computers. As of May 2021, more than forty million boards have been sold. Most Pis are made in a Sony factory in Pencoed, Wales, while others are made in China and Japan.

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  1. S

    Raspberry Pi 5 Crashing: Wayland to X11?

    Over the last few months I have had problems with certain applications on my Raspberry Pi 5. One application, FLDIGI, slowed the system to a crawl and was unuseable, although it ran well on a Pi 4. Another application, WSJTX, could not have its window resized or moved and would stubbornly...
  2. neilparker62

    Boot Raspberry Pi from an iscsi target

    Just wondering if anyone having experience with scsi / iscsi can help out ? I am trying to boot a set of raspberry pies from an iscsi target server I have set up on Linux Mint (Cinammon). The setup works fine for network booting via NFS so I think I have configured the tftp , dnsmasq and nfs...
  3. S

    [ Raspberry Pi or Android ] --> WiFi Router --> USB printer

    A couple of years ago, I connected a USB printer to the USB socket on my broadband router. After a lot of trial and error (of which I remember no details) I was able to print from my windows laptop. Here are the port settings that currently work from the laptop: 1) Based on the above...
  4. S

    Mathematica "Evaluation > Debugger" missing (Mathematica on Raspberry Pi 4)

    I don't have the menu item Evaluation > Debugger . Could it be a limitation of the Raspberry Pi version of Mathematica? Or are there other potential reasons for it? Can anyone with a RasPi using Mathematica check if they have the debug menu?
  5. S

    Raspberry Pi 4 / Debian : Static IP on one SSID and Dynamic on another

    My Raspberry Pi 4 has a GUI widget that is supposed to let us specify WLAN settings on a per-SSID basis, but it doesn't work. (All SSIDs end up with the same setting). Some articles on the net say that one can modify the dhcpd.conf file with an entry headed by the SSID name and then put in...
  6. S

    Changing mouse cursor on Raspberry Pi OS (Debian Linux)

    I used GIMP to edit copies of certain cursor files called left_ptr and hand2 from the "cursors" folders within the theme directories /usr/share/icons/[theme name]/cursor. This was for the themes "Adwaita" and "DMZ-white". Then I renamed the original cursor files and put the new edited versions...
  7. A

    Audio/Video How Can I Create a Touch Sensitive Volume Knob for My Audio Card?

    Hi, I am trying to think how to make a DYI volume knob to control variable actions on my audio card. But I don’t want one with buttons to toggle the actions.. instead I want to make one with a touch sensitive lcd screen and make the scroll knob (a físicas one) around the screen bc I want to use...
  8. nduka-san

    Electrical Raspberry Pi Zero W receiver / transmitter

    For a project that I'm making it has a raspberry pi 0w as its cpu for running autonomously, But I want to make use the raspberry pi 0w as the receiver as well. The range needed is about 3000 feet minimum. Currently I have been looking at some rc and drone receivers that would work as well, but I...
  9. S

    Raspberry Pi bluetooth audio problem after upgrade

    Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspberry OS... Recently did apt-get update and upgrade. It did an upgrade of the desktop after asking for permission to replace the file piwiz.desktop. It then ran a wizard to redo various options and preferences, including WiFi and password (which I had set up initially on...
  10. sbrothy

    Apropos Raspberry PI DIY Mass Spec using Raman Scattering

    https://hackaday.io/project/1279-ramanpi-raman-spectrometer It's a pretty nifty gadget this Raspberry thingy. A computer the size of a pack of cigs. :) And a mass spectrometer... I'm not sure what such a device costs but I'm sure it pretty frigging expensive!
  11. S

    Raspberry Pi : Security of online account logins

    Should one avoid logging into important accounts like Google / Gmail / e-commerce from a Raspberry Pi -- or is it just as safe as logging in from a regular PC? Or, is it actually safer, considering that it is Linux?
  12. Tone L

    Running a Raspberry Pi with a Solar Panel

    The objective: Determine the daily power draw of a Raspberry Pi (Watts per Day) and determine the average daily power generation of a solar panel. Will energy generated be greater than energy drawn? Lets begin, I have a 9 Watt, 18 Volt solar panel. This solar panel is charging a sealed lead...
  13. Greg Bernhardt

    Computer Raspberry Pi 4 Website Up-Time Monitor

    For a quarantine project I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 and a breadboard accessory kit. It won't arrive for another couple weeks, but I as super excited to dive in. My first project will be to create a simple LED up time monitor for PF :) Anyone have some "must read" tutorials? I'll be using python.
  14. th078

    Radio frequency shielding for Raspberry Pi Zero

    So I'm trying to put together a Pi Zero mini computer to use for security-oriented applications, for example encrypting/decrypting messages, working with encryption keys, etc. It's cheap, very small and thus easy to carry around. However, I'm not entirely comfortable with the presence of the...
  15. H

    What is the connection between organic chemistry, trigonometry, and astronomy?

    Hi, I am a retired Organic Chemist. I was looking around for the answer to a trig question and found this site. It looks interesting so I signed up. I am also an amateur astronomer, and have an interest in arduinos and raspberry pis as well as other computers. I mainly use linux and my...
  16. FlimFlam

    How can I get my Pi 3 to work in a vacuum?

    Im trying to do some data logging, using a raspberry pi 3 would be super easy as it has a built in WiFi and Bluetooth receiver as well as an SD card. However when the vacuum gets to about -30inHg the Pi shuts off and the red light starts flashing as if there is no OS. Temperatures arent crazy...
  17. Bob3141592

    I Can reflected light be used to create an accurate spectrometer?

    I have need of a spectrometer to assist me in my artwork, so I plan to build one. Some of the paints I use are opaque, and many are transparent. I want to capture the spectrum as they would look painted over white canvas, or painted over other colors in several layers, so I will be reflecting...
  18. mizieahmad

    B101 HDMI to CSI-2 on Raspberry Pi

    Hello, i need you help to give me the idea and information about my project. I not familiar with this device, B101 HDMI to csi-2 converter. What i understood that this device can be a hdmi input on Raspberry pi. Based on my project, i need to communicate the Tv and Raspberry pi. In raspberry Pi...
  19. Borg

    Computer Programs to help design circuits to hook up to a Raspberry Pi

    I would like to start building small electrical projects but it's been a very long time since I studied circuit analysis in college. I figured that there are probably some computer programs that would help people like myself to design simple circuits. A quick Google search led me to this site...
  20. mizieahmad

    Server and client on Raspberry Pi

    May I know how to make multiple client connected to a server in python language. I want to communicate one Raspberry Pi to other Raspberry Pi using the python. What I knew, it need to used function socket. i will explain my project. There are contain 5 clients and 1 server. A server will open...
  21. mizieahmad

    Raspberry Pi connect to the RS232

    I got the solution how Raspberry Pi connected to the RS232 port. Raspberry Pi's port is USB. By using the chmod, stty and echo commands.Using the RS232 converter to the USB port.
  22. pairofstrings

    Is the design of Raspberry Pi stored in a memory component?

    Hello. I have a following C programming language code that blinks an LED ON and OFF. #include<bcm2835.h> #define LED RPI_GPIO_P1_12 int main(int argc, char **argv) { if(!bcm2835_init()) return 1; bcm2835_gpio_fsel(LED, BCM2835_GPIO_FSEL_OUTP); unsigned int delay(1000); while(1)...
  23. C

    How to see ON/OFF status by using SCT-013 via Raspberry Pi?

    Hello, I'm trying to make a project and I have a trouble. The project is 'online monitoring of machine'. I will show ON if machine works and OFF if machine does not work. And the rule is: I can not effect machine by my circuit. So it looks so simple. I bought SCT-013 non-invasive current sensor...
  24. B

    Microphone (Analog) to Ethernet (Digital) to Speaker (Analog) system

    Hi, I would really like to make a system who takes a Microfone(Analog signal) convert it to a Ethernet(Digital signal) and in the end convert it back to Speaker(Analog signal). How would be the best way to do this? I have thought about using a raspberry pi or a micro controller. But do anyone...
  25. N

    How to make raspberry pi connect with window7 (no internet)?

    Dear forum, I have an raspberry pi (which is using linux and bash),and I am trying to make connection with Windows7 and 8. As we know that we just need to download Putty.exe on the windows 7, run and insert IP address on to the box, another window will be showed up and "log in as" and...
  26. Borg

    Raspberry Pi 2 review and ideas

    Haven't seen a thread on this before so I'll start one. The Raspberry Pi 2 is really a marvel. For $30 you get a 90MHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM on a Linux platform. The platform also comes standard with an ethernet connector, 4 USB ports, HDMI, and a micro SD slot. I picked up my...
  27. NaughtyBear

    Creating a Remote Control Car with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

    So I have looked over a few other posts and do not feel like they are covering what I would like done. So I am currently using an Arduino Uno for the controller and am wanting to use an onboard Raspberry Pi in order to run the code and will be attached to my schools wifi in order to have a...
  28. A

    What does negative voltage mean for MOSFET?

    Hi, I'm planning on using a mosfet with my raspberry pi to controll a circuit, using the GPIO pins which can be set to +3.3V or GND but I'm having problems with choosing the type of MOSFET I will need. I've found the data sheet for a possibility here http://www.diodes.com/datasheets/ZVP3306A.pdf...
  29. P

    Relative positioning sensor question (With Picture)

    So I've been researching whatcould be the sensor/s that would do what the picture depicts: I have camera A behind camera B. What I'm trying to achieve is: to point the position of camera B when B passes on the field of view of A. When B pases in front of camera A the Screen of camera A will...
  30. S

    How to connect DC motor to Raspberry Pi?

    I have recently taken apart a few old DVD drives to see if there were any stepper motors available for a Raspberry Pi project I am currently working on. When I opened one of the older drives I found a motor which was unlike the others as it only seemed to have two wires going directly to the...
  31. J

    Things you can do with raspberry pi

    I just heard about this thing called raspberry pi. It's a credit-sized computer made by raspberry pi foundation. I heard of many projects you can do with this. There are sites with top 10 things you can do with the computer etc. What makes this computer special which allows us to do so many...
  32. E

    Raspberry Pi board projects and advice?

    I am looking to work with a raspberry pi board to do some basic and eventually more complex things, what are the best types of things to attempt / what type of raspberry pi board is the best to purchase for a starter? As for the boards themselves I am aware that are quite powerful and I have...